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Other Southern Living Magazine Reviews:
Reviewed by: JULES

Its very informative magazine and i enjoyed reading it. From fashion, decorations, cooking, gardening etc....its awesome!

California Girl Loves So. Living
Reviewed by: Glors

My collection goes back more than 15 years. Can't wait for the next issue to arrive. The great ideas for entertaining and those super delicious recipes. You'all make me want to visit the south with every Monthly issue.

Reviewed by: Honey

The Best magazine EVER!!!!!! I treasure every issue. Love the recipes and fashions (home) and all about flowers!!!!

Great Magazine
Reviewed by: Rrg

Enjoy this magazine. I look forward to it's arrival each month and all it offers.

Great Magazine
Reviewed by: Alice

Have been a long time subscriber. Look forward each month to receiving my copy of Southern Living.

Reviewed by: IrishRed

I live in Charleston and I learn something new about my city every time read Southern Living. Some of the recipes are to die for. Excellent ideas about gardening and decorating your home. I keep a book with articles about other states, so when my husband and I travel, I can see what the state we are going to have that's interesting. Nice to know about good restaurants ahead of time. My Mom and Sister live out of state and receive the mag too. They also keep pages about sites and restaurants in other states. Southern Living is well worth the price.

Southern Living
Reviewed by: Jon

I was an avid reader of Southern Living in the 70s and 80s following our relocation to North Carolina. Then work took me to the Midwest and North for 20+ years. Upon retirement, we immediately returned to NC and re-subscribed to SL. What a disappointment. It's become a rich white girls magazine. The gardening tips/ideas have shrunk. The travel features only tell you where you can aggravate your diabetes or find a local craft beer -- whatever that is. The "gift" pages in the December issue were 95% female oriented. Where are the men? Where are African-Americans? A majority of pictures and ads feature rich white women concerned with their appearance, not their heritage or community. Color me disappointed at let me subscription expire.

Luv It!
Reviewed by: Dee

Not a month goes by that I don't try several of the recipes. I also enjoy southern towns in you articles.

Reviewed by: MARY

You folks really outdid yourself this time. This edition was outstanding! From the recipes to the arrangements of colors thru out the magazine. This issue brought me back again. Thanks, Mary King

Reviewed by: Pat

Excellent magazine. Enjoy it very much.

Southern Living
Reviewed by: Westiepoos

Best magazine ever. I love all the great recipes and have tried many. Always a success. Love all the useful ideas.

Southern Belle
Reviewed by: Trisheel

I love that Southern Living has great recipes and ideas. I am living in Texas now and enjoy that Texas is included in the issues!

Love Southern Living.
Reviewed by: Twiggy

I love southern living magazine a lot ,Ive been reading southern magazine since 1972. as a matter of fact i save all the magazine that i have with the exceprion of the monthly issues that ive missed when i forgot to renew my subscription. busy working . evey now and then I pull out the old magazine read them over and over again and find some really really good recipes.