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Helps A Lot
Reviewed by: Cal

I find Living Without to be very helpful. Not only does it help with our gluten-free diet but it knows that we can have more than gluten intolerance and helps us avoid what I find to be an even greater problem - eggs.

Reviewed by: Jojo

I am a senior citizen, and was diagnosed Celiac three years ago, so I appreciate the articles on being diagnosed at an older age. Keep up the good work.I have enjoyed the Living Without magazines, and read them from cover to cover. What I did not appreciate was an advertisment in the December-January 2012 edition for Agave Nectar, which included a delicious sounding recipe for Holiday Cake made with wheat flour. For your magazine, I would expect you to be more restrictive on your recipe choices. I like to learn more about what I can eat, rather than sighing about what is off limits now. Thanks for your attention.