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Other Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine Reviews:
One Of The Best Magazines On Personal Finance
Reviewed by: Fantastic Frugal

Easy to understand and offers a variety of topics relative to basic personal finance. Should be a staple in high school.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine
Reviewed by: Nan

I have subscribed to Kiplinger's for a long time and find a lot of good advice in their articles.

A Cover To Cover Read
Reviewed by: Bill

This is one of the few magazines I actually read cover to cover. It keeps me up to date with the latest trends - and once or twice a year I find a recommendation that I take in the stock market. Not bad for the low subscription price.

A Good Mag - - -
Reviewed by: Rolando

Always informative and up-to-date every month-- one in which I look forward to receiving each and every month --- from a long-time subscriber.

Wow...I Love Ur Work
Reviewed by: Pilar

wow...I love ur work...very creative and uiqnue...maybe I should see more and learn more different shapes and more uiqnue art ^^

Great Value! Great Information
Reviewed by: Robert Killt

Kiplingers is such a low price for all the helpful tips I have received from it. The financial tips are the best and actually work! This magazine has increased my knowledge on personal finance tremendously.