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Other Family Handyman Reviews:
Reviewed by: Jude

Love all the tips and reviews on tools, equipment, Etc. It's the one thing I love to find in my mailbox!!I can also relate to Great GOOFS!

Great Magazine
Reviewed by: Shadigee

I enjoy every issue. In fact, I save every issue for reference. We live in a colonial, brick farm house and are restoring it. Family Handyman is a great resource.

Reviewed by: Mike e

They all all very interesting and very education . At this time of the year try to do something about how to remove mold from your house .

Reviewed by: Gleefulee

Because my boyfriend searches for my copy when he visits, it was fun to include it on his Christmas list. That way my copy stayed with me. He has a huge workshop and is quite handy, so there is never an issue without information he uses. Yet I find it useful, too, for tool information and decorating/storage tips. Great gift for self and others!

Reviewed by: Krew

Love, love, love this magazine, we both wait for each issue.

Reviewed by: Johanna

I LOVE this magazine! It should be titled "HANDYWOMAN" because I've been involved in renovating 2 homes & I'm the one who instigates home improvement projects. Yep, HANDYWOMAN or HANDYLADY!!
I have sent subscriptions to each of my nieces' husband.

Reviewed by: Kay

Not only is it exactly what a magazine should be - informative but it does it in an engaging way. I enjoy receiving this magazine each month.

Great Gift
Reviewed by: Bill

I got my subscription from my sister and brother in law a couple of years ago and love it. I have gotten many good ideas out if it, bought a few new items and picked up some helpful hints. I am so happy with it I got my son in law a subscription this last Christmas.

Maintenance Ideas
Reviewed by: Angelina

Love your Handyman magazine. I Save old issues for a reference when I have a problem and do not know what to do. It has great ideas

Real Value
Reviewed by: Steve

I have at one time or another subscribed to every magazine of this type---this is by far the very best.

Reviewed by: Thrasher


Reviewed by: KATHY GAY


Great Magazine
Reviewed by: Dave

Really look forward to "Handyman" coming each month. I enjoy this much more than the other that has too many high dollar remakes and not enough DIY tips.

Family Handyman
Reviewed by: DIY GUY

GREAT MAGAZINE! love all the helpful tips as well as the great ideas...

Reviewed by: Mary

Thee were a few of these in the basement of the home we bought . My Husband who is very handy loved them so we ordered the magazine. He is happy every time one comes in the mail, and plans on using many of the ideas in them. Thanks.

Reviewed by: Bob

excellent magazine, i enjoy getting the new issues each month. the articles are well described and easy to understand making most projects easier to handle.
looking forward to my next issue.

Reviewed by: Homeinspctr

I look forward to every issue of the Family Handyman magazine because of the little things inside that are informative and entertaining, such as the Great Goofs, Stuff We Love, and Handy Hints. These regular articles make your mag stand out in a crowd.

Handyman Mag
Reviewed by: Handy94

I enjoy getting this mag in the mail each month. There are so many helpful hints and articles about wood working tools. Being a novice and renovating a house this has helped so much.

Reviewed by: Bill

I work in my shop all day, everyday and no longer have much time for reading. BUT, the Family Handyman is one of two magazines I just can't give up. The other being Backwoods Home.

The Next Best Thing . . .
Reviewed by: ReneAr

Reading the Family Handyman magazine is the next best thing to hiring an experienced handyman. With price of labor going through the roof, the subscription price is well worth it.

Family Handyman
Reviewed by: Billy

Excellent !

Great Value
Reviewed by: Ike

The Handyman magazine is extremely helpful in understanding how to complete various projects around the home. It provides great photos and valuable tips for both the novice and expert. I enjoying reading every issue...

Great Reference Source
Reviewed by: Recoil

I've been saving my Family Handyman magazines for years as a source for tips and how-to articles when I need instructions for home improvement projects. I highly recommend it for both the novice and the pro. I purchased two subscriptions. One for myself and one for my grown-up daughter. It has saved me many late night phone calls and trips to her house to handle emergencies.

Very Handy
Reviewed by: Topcat

unlike other DIY media,the family handy man covers the little points that can make a project so much easier.

Subscription To Family Handyman
Reviewed by: Eric A

I really enjoy my family handyman magazine. Ive learned how to fix problems around the house and have in mind a project I saw in the magazine. Some projects may take a few weeks to accomplish but they are definitely worth it. The best thing I did was to subscribe to family handyman. My wife loves the changes Ive made.