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Other Cooking Light Magazine Reviews:
The Best
Reviewed by: Ben

Over the years, I have subscribed to several cooking type magazines but "Cooking Light" is the best. Every month I find several recipes that I use when I cook for friends and family. Never have been disappointed.

Healthy And Tasty
Reviewed by: FPH

My wife and I have prepared (she cooks, I read it) several recipes in Cooking light. Everyone one we have enjoyed are always delicious and easy on the fat and/or sugar!

Cooking Light
Reviewed by: Vv426

Cooking Light magazine is fantastic for anyone trying to lose weight or eat healthier.

Chocolate Halloween Cutout Cookies
Reviewed by: Jeannie

I had problems with the icing. The "whisk" together with the juice and orange rind. It was too thick and hardened right away. I added 1/2 tsp of milk and was able to stir it, but the overall results were not pleasant. The cookies are also somewhat tough if baked for 10 minutes.

Cooking Lite
Reviewed by: Sam

I recently purchased this mag, I LOVE it, I am a foodie and a caterer and I strive to make yummy and Healthy food, I use this magazine as an imsperation! Thank you! Health food being boring is a think of the past!

Cooking Light Helps Keep Me An My Family Healthy
Reviewed by: HT

Cooking Light Magazine is full of all kinds of ways to liven up healthy food. Half the time, nobody at the table even realizes the meal is good for them.Ever since i subscribed weve all been looking and feeling great!