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Smithsonian Magazine
Reviewed by: Booklady

Smithsonian Magazine is an outstanding publication. As a long time subscriber, I thoroughly enjoy the wide range of topics as well as its writing style. Truly in a class by itself!

Reviewed by: Weas27

If you like history, science, anthropology/archaeology, nature and the very best of both classical and popular culture, Smithsonian is a one-stop magazine!

Long Time Member
Reviewed by: Liz

This magazine has been my favorite source of reading since I learned of it in the early 1970s.
All the articles are worth reading and every article is positive; never depressing.

Reviewed by: Jeanne

This is my favorite magazine -- I've been subscribing for years. Every issue has a science-based article, an art-based article, and other articles of general interest; and articles are well-written but not preachy -- they don't make a reader feel stupid. I've learned so much reading Smithsonian!

Reviewed by: JW

It's great to learn about our world!

The Best Bang For The Buck
Reviewed by: SF

Smithsonian is a great read. There's something for everyone. I love the breadth of interests represented. They've got something for everyone. The writing is beautiful and I feel like I've been taken on a few journeys with every issue. It also has an online version and large print for those who need that. I like the non-digital form - love having it to read when I've got down time. It's well worth the subscription.

Reviewed by: Rich

Very good read, thank you!

Only One
Reviewed by: Duncnmollysmom

Aside from the trade publications that my husband and I subscribe to, this is the only magazine that crosses our threshold each month. Kids love it, we love it! Always informative and engaging. Well written and thought provoking.
Thank you!

The Best EVer
Reviewed by: Jackie

I look forward to the arrival of Smithsonian Magazine each month. It is the only monthly magazine that I take time to read cover to cover and find it to be informative, entertaining, and just generally well worth my time!

Great Read
Reviewed by: Equick

I was given a subscription to Smithsonian and enjoyed it so much that I gave it as a gift to other friends and family. The variety of articles makes it a gift for people of varied interests. Science, history and social interests articles that are appropriate for my daughter to read with her 7 yr old son.

Covers The World
Reviewed by: Margaret

I have beenso impressed with the Smithsonian Magazine , I count the days when a new issue comes. This magazine of mine goes to some other people who cannot afford it and they,too look forward to reading it. It is so comprehensive as it contains something for everyone in each issue and I thank the editors for their diligence.

Smithsonian Magagzine
Reviewed by: MARVIE

I can never wait from one month to the next to get my next issue of the Smithsonian Magazine. I read it from front to back. Then I pass it on to others in my family.

Wonderful Read
Reviewed by: BK

This is one magazine I read cover to cover. The unique stories about history, artifacts and every current happenings is a great mix. Thanks for keeping up the great work and for the wonderful institution.

Great Reading!
Reviewed by: Mer

The Smithsonian is my favorite magazine. The expert mix of articles in the fields of science, history, and current events are the most informative available. The graphics and photos are outstanding. Gave a subscription to relatives as a gift, and they love it also.

The Smithsonian Is A Great Read!
Reviewed by: Eara

Hi, I bought your magazine and when it arrives I read it from cover to cover! It's a Great Magazine with lots of very interesting articles in each new addition! In my opinion , your magazine is one of the very best ones out there and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in reading and also learning about so many articles covered in your publications each month! Thanks Again
Irena Oie
PS- I will definitely re-new my subscription when it comes due.

Reviewed by: Emily

We give it as a Christmas gift to our children and theuy enjloy it very much.

Reviewed by: CHRISTY


Great Magazine
Reviewed by: Hello

I bought this as a present and they are loving the magazine.

Read It Cover To Cover
Reviewed by: Janna

I like the variety of articles. I learn a lot

Most Well Rounded Magazine
Reviewed by: ALM

I love the Smithsonian because it covers arts, sciences, history, geography; just about every kind of topic. Complex math or scientific information is explained in a way anyone can understand and also enjoy reading. AND the photography and illustrations are exceptional!

Smithsonian Magazine, Always A Great Read!
Reviewed by: Turner

This subscription was a gift to our son. He has always loved anything associated with the Smithsonian and plans to visit DC in the near future.

Reviewed by: Acostahobbs

I am absolutely enjoying the Smithsonian Magazine! Every month the issues and articles never cease to amaze me!

Smithsonian Magazine
Reviewed by: Pat-Pat

Smithsonian Magazine is always interesting and informative. I read every issue from cover to cover.

Reviewed by: Jack

Good to read articles written by experts.
A welcome variety of subjects not readily found elsewhere!

Wonderful Magazine
Reviewed by: CFB

A truly great magazine for life-long learners. So many good articles about a huge variety of topics in every issue, I usually end up even reading about things I didn't think I'd be interested in, and always glad I did.

Great Variety
Reviewed by: Ccc

The Smithsonian is one of my favorite magazines for it's variety of topics, excellent photos, and educational value. I always look forward to receiving each month's issue.

Return Of The Big Cat
Reviewed by: Annie

I've never found an UNinteresting article in this publication in all the years I've been reading it. Even if an article title doesn't pull you in, I'll usually make myself read a few paragraphs and then ZING, I'm hooked! The content is such a breath of fresh air from most other magazines. Thanks, Smithsonian!

Great Reading
Reviewed by: Shelly

A wonderful balance of great writing and intellectual curiosity. Recommended to all.

My Wheelhouse
Reviewed by: Annie M

Working in fashion, you would think a fashion mag would be #1 on my list. Not so! I cannot wait for my new issues of this to hit my kitchen counter with all my mail. I LOVE to read, history, science. It takes me a world away....

One Of My Favorites
Reviewed by: Joe

I read it cover to cover when it comes. One of my favorite magazines

Smithsonian Articles The Best
Reviewed by: Tuscolajan

I enjoy the Smithsonian magazine's articles. Well written, very informative, great pictures, highly recommend it.

Reviewed by: Dukie

It keeps me informed about my immediate surrounding, and happenings int he world.
with newest research and most informative
I love Smithsonian!

Don't Miss!!!
Reviewed by: Ginny

Great magazine with educational and informational articles. They don't merely scratch the surface but go in depth with the subject matter. Wonderful pictures accompany.

Have subscribed for years. An opportunity you don't want to miss!

Reviewed by: Rosie

Magazine is very informative.

Needs Depth
Reviewed by: Rachael

I thought I would be getting articles of a deeper,
more thoroughly probing nature. They tend
to be a little "fluffy," and I don't know at this point whether I'll subscribe again.

The Best
Reviewed by: Willa

One of the best monthly periodicals. Always
very interesting. The articles are very well
written and the photos are superb.

Good Choice
Reviewed by: Carol O.

The articles in Smithsonian are well written and on a wide variety of subjects. There is always something interesting. I like it so well that I gave a subscription to a friend.

Benefits Of Being A Subscriber
Reviewed by: MaryAnne

Being a subscriber to Smithsonian magazine has its benefits, not only do you gain knowledge but you also become a member of the Smithsonian. As a subscriber to Smithsonian magazine you receive a membership card and you get discounts on traveling and on visits to the Smithsonian museums.

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