Air & Space Magazine Customer Reviews

Reviewed by: Rudy

This, by far, is my most favorite magazine. I learn something new with each issue.

Tons Of Awesome Info!
Reviewed by: Phillip

When it comes to a magazine that is filled with amazing photos and details. A magazine that shows the markings on planes, wing root variations, landing gear and other part of an aircraft then Air and Space magazine is the perfect choice for you.

Beyond Measurable!
Reviewed by: Bill

Air and Space magazine has information on generally anything that escapes from this planet earth and travels beyond. In order for any reader to love and truly enjoy this magazine that person would have to be into aircraft and space.

Aircraft Information
Reviewed by: Joe

The Air and Space magazine is also by the makers of the Smithsonian magazine. Air and Space magazine is my favorite magazine of all time. I love this magazine because it holds great information on aircraft.

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