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About Star Magazine:

Star Magazine is a popular weekly American tabloid magazine that focuses mainly on celebrity lifestyles. The magazine features celebrity news stories and tips on fashion and style.

Star Magazine is known mainly for publishing celebrity news stories. Featured in the magazine are stories about anything from celebrities love lives to features on movies, television shows, and albums that are coming out in the future. One recent story features Aaron Pauls take on the much anticipated two final episodes of the hit television show Breaking Bad.

Readers of Star Magazine are treated to advice on fashion and style trends that are popular among American celebrities. Many of the beauty products that are endorsed and used by celebrities are featured in the magazine. Also published are features on the stores where popular celebrities buy their clothing, as well as the salons that they frequent. The editors at Star also provide their own tips on recreating celebrity looks without spending celebrity dollars.

Star Magazine Subscription:

A Star Magazine Subscription makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in celebrity lifestyles and would enjoy access to tips on style and fashion, usually straight from celebrities themselves. On our website, you can either order a star magazine subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Star Magazine.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars based on 2 reviews
Review Title: Crosswords
Reviewed by: Dezi

My favorite is the crossword puzzles.

Review Title: Great Celeb Gossip Mag
Reviewed by: Charlotte Bryan

Yes of course I know most the stuff printed in Star isnt true, but it is certainly still enjoyable to read. Definitely a guilty pleasure. Its always easy and fun to read. And who wouldn't love the allegations they come up with!? If you love Celeb gossip you will adore this magazine.

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