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About Smithsonian Magazine:

Smithsonian Magazine is the most reliable source for information about history, travel, the arts, science and technology, and important people and places. The magazine, published by renowned museum group The Smithsonian Institution, is dedicated to keeping its readers informed and connected with everything that is going on in the world.

Readers of Smithsonian Magazine never miss a scientific or technological breakthrough. Its reputation for hiring only the best writers ensures that there will be someone with knowledge and experience at every important discovery. For example, one recent article explores one man who flew across America without using a single drop of fuel- he did it using solar power. Smithsonian Magazine even features articles on breakthroughs of the past, allowing its readers to understand and appreciate the people who make our society possible today. Another recent article allows us to hear what Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, sounded like. Researchers for the magazine actually obtained and enhanced tapes from the first telephone calls that were ever made.

Those more interested in historical events than they are in technological breakthroughs will find plenty to read in Smithsonian Magazine. One recent entry chronicles The Battle of Bunker Hill, one of the major battles of the American Revolutionary War. Not much is understood about the battle in relation to others that were fought at the time, but the Smithsonian article explores the events with maps, firsthand accounts, and more.

About Smithsonian Magazine Subscription:

A subscription to Smithsonian Magazine makes a great gift for anyone who is just plain curious, whether they are curious about where we were in the past or where we are going in the future. On our website, you can either order a Smithsonian Magazine subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Smithsonian Magazine.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars based on 38 reviews
Review Title: Smithsonian Magazine
Reviewed by: Booklady

Smithsonian Magazine is an outstanding publication. As a long time subscriber, I thoroughly enjoy the wide range of topics as well as its writing style. Truly in a class by itself!

Review Title: Smithsonian
Reviewed by: Weas27

If you like history, science, anthropology/archaeology, nature and the very best of both classical and popular culture, Smithsonian is a one-stop magazine!

Review Title: Long time Member
Reviewed by: Liz

This magazine has been my favorite source of reading since I learned of it in the early 1970s.All the articles are worth reading and every article is positive; never depressing.

Review Title: Smithsonian
Reviewed by: Jeanne

This is my favorite magazine -- I've been subscribing for years. Every issue has a science-based article, an art-based article, and other articles of general interest; and articles are well-written but not preachy -- they don't make a reader feel stupid. I've learned so much reading Smithsonian!

Review Title: Knowledge
Reviewed by: JW

It's great to learn about our world!

Review Title: The best bang for the buck
Reviewed by: SF

Smithsonian is a great read. There's something for everyone. I love the breadth of interests represented. They've got something for everyone. The writing is beautiful and I feel like I've been taken on a few journeys with every issue. It also has an online version and large print for those who need that. I like the non-digital form - love having it to read when I've got down time. It's well worth the subscription.

Review Title: Smithsonian
Reviewed by: Rich

Very good read, thank you!

Review Title: Only one
Reviewed by: Duncnmollysmom

Aside from the trade publications that my husband and I subscribe to, this is the only magazine that crosses our threshold each month. Kids love it, we love it! Always informative and engaging. Well written and thought provoking.Thank you!

Review Title: The Best EVer
Reviewed by: Jackie

I look forward to the arrival of Smithsonian Magazine each month. It is the only monthly magazine that I take time to read cover to cover and find it to be informative, entertaining, and just generally well worth my time!

Review Title: Great Read
Reviewed by: Equick

I was given a subscription to Smithsonian and enjoyed it so much that I gave it as a gift to other friends and family. The variety of articles makes it a gift for people of varied interests. Science, history and social interests articles that are appropriate for my daughter to read with her 7 yr old son.

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