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About Reader's Digest Magazine:

Readers Digest Magazine has been at the heart of American culture since 1922. It offers everything from travel and vacation information to articles about healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For more serious readers, Readers Digest provides insightful articles on the news and politics of the day.

Readers Digest is one of the few publications that truly offers something for every member of the family. Health, for instance, is a topic that is written about often in the magazine. Recent articles explore healthy eating, explaining the advantages of eating organic foods. Other articles in the magazines health section are dedicated to doctors and determining if your health care provider is kept up to date with modern practices.

Cooking and Advice are two more major sections of Readers Digest. In the cooking section readers can find information meant for anyone from the expert chef to the beginner. The advice columns are written in response to questions posed by readers, so you know that the information will most likely be relevant to your own life. The magazines position as the largest paid circulation magazine in the world confirms that what appears on all of its pages, not just the advice column, are the things that you think about every day.

Reader's Digest Subscription:

A subscription to Readers Digest Magazine makes a great gift not just for those who love to read, but also for those who like to keep pace with Americas ever-changing culture. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Readers Digest.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars based on 76 reviews
Review Title: Readers Digest
Reviewed by: Coffecake

I have been a subscriber to Readers Digest for 65 years and would be hard to do without it...good stories, good jokes and just all round good reading, easy to hold in bed and just keeps getting better. Marilyn Morse Boonville, Mo.

Review Title: Reader's Digest
Reviewed by: Toots

I enjoy the entire magazine, from the human interest stories. to the words meaning , to laughter in uniform & all the other funny articles. I definitely recommend this magazine.

Review Title: Best of Best
Reviewed by: G.M.

Reader's Digest will be the last magazine to go. My neighbor takes so many mags that the carrier says he needs a separate zip code. I only really need the RD because it fills a number of interests.

Review Title: Reader's Digerst
Reviewed by: Nancy

This magazine is great!! So many interesting stories and articles; and it holds your attention. This is one magazine that I read cover to cover!Thank you for providing the best price for my favorite magazine.

Review Title: My faithful companion
Reviewed by: Kay

I have been subscribing to Reader's Digest since 1974. It has traveled with me from home to home and city to city. It has been a constant source of entertainment and learning through the last 40 years. I have seen it evolve and change over time, but overall it still delivers enjoyment and uplifting stories that keep me coming back.

Review Title: Best Reading
Reviewed by: Sheila

I enjoy Readers Digest very much. Look forward to receiving it every month.

Review Title: Love it, read it for years!
Reviewed by: Cj

I love R.D. informative, amusing and fun.

Review Title: Thoughts
Reviewed by: Barb

I love Readers Digest. Have had a subscription for years. All of the articles are great reads, love the jokes. Just a magazine I can't wait to get.

Review Title: Readers digest
Reviewed by: Snowlady

I have read the readers digest for as long as I can remember. I enjoy having both short and long reads available depending on how much time I have

Review Title: My kind of book
Reviewed by: Jim

I have enjoyed Reader's Digest since i was a teenager. I used to get the old books from the bookshelf at my parents house when I had finished the new one. They had a collection going back into the 60's. I don't get to read often so I like to be able to finish a story and not have to remember what was going on the next time i get time to read.I also like the variety of articles. Laughter is the Best Medicine has always been a favorite.

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