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Prevention Magazine is an American healthy lifestyle magazine that is dedicated to keeping the mind and body fit. It focuses on general health, fitness, beauty, nutrition, and more to ensure that readers keep up with their health goals and live longer, happier lives.

Prevention Magazine publishes articles written by doctors of all types that are aimed towards readers who are striving for healthier lifestyles. One article might focus on the brain and offer techniques that improve memory and keep the brain sharp, while another article might provide tips for building healthy, every-day habits.

Each issue of Prevention Magazine contains articles about fitness and beauty that help readers improve the way they look. Inside the magazine are guides to work-outs that are aimed at toning different parts of the body. Recent articles provide information about healthy skin care and ways of overcoming cosmetic issues using natural products.

Prevention Magazine helps readers who enjoy spending time in the kitchen by offering healthy recipes, nutrition guides, and health information about different ingredients. One set of recipes lays out all of the different dishes that can be created with grilled chicken. Another article asks the question How much coffee should I be drinking?

A subscription to Prevention makes a great gift for anyone who tries to live a healthy, informed lifestyle. On our website, you can either order a Prevention Magazine subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Prevention.

Overall Rating: 4.7 Stars based on 3 reviews
Review Title: Senior
Reviewed by: Phyl

I never had a flat belly except two times in my life and I was pregnant. I do not gain weight, like a little. I have always tried to eat right and say in shape. Love to exercise from top of my head down. I am 92 at the endof March and people say I am lying when I tell them that. As if I would lie older. I enjoy learning what is best to eat and trying to keep up. Am now getting back into a special top to bottom exercise program and get shapely and firm again. Thanx for your great content.

Review Title: Insights
Reviewed by: Lil

In the February 2014 Prevention Magazine Anne Alexander invited readers to "share your insights" regarding "living the life you want to live."I am a 62 year old widow. I went back to school after losing my husband, in 2005. I earned a Bachelors degree in Social Work in 2009 and a Masters degree in Social Work in 2012. I work in the medical field for a medical home health agency and I love my work! I live in a great townhouse and have a close circle of friends. I have two children and five grandchildren in my life. I have never felt more complete in my life.I try to take good care of myself, eat healthy, get some exercise and attend a yoga class every week.I love Prevention Magazine's articles and advice. So yes, I am living the life I want to live.

Review Title: Hurrah
Reviewed by: Junie

Folks - I have been a subscriber to Prevention since the 1980s. I am thrilled with the new changes being implemented. I was at the point of cancelling my subscription since content seemed to be geared more often to much younger women. Incidentally younger women are NOT traditionally Prevention audiences. The changes are definitely relevant to my age group so I will not be cancelling my subscription. Instead I will be sharing with others the wonderful changes that have been made. Thank you!

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