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Popular Science is an American magazine dedicated to publishing articles on science and technology for a general audience. The magazine focuses on general science, technology, electronics and gadgets, and automobiles.

Popular Science is known mainly for its informative yet easy to read scientific articles on topics like the environment, energy usage, and health. One article takes a look at the biological differences between an apple that was grown in the wild and one that was purchased at the supermarket. Another story talks about a mouse that was recently cloned from a drop of blood in a laboratory in Japan.

Readers of Popular Science are treated to articles about technology. The magazines technology experts write about technological advances in the military, aviation, space, robots, and engineering. One article goes into detail about various surveillance techniques like using cameras to read license plates and viewing internet history anonymously.

Each issue of Popular Science contains information about electronics and gadgets. The magazines writers cover releases made by popular video game companies like Sony and Nintendo. Also featured in the magazine are reviews of smartphones and newer gadgets like the "Google Glass. Popular Science also offers articles about cars and the new features that come out with each yearly batch. The magazines writers cover innovations in hybrid and electric cars that help save on fuel costs.

A subscription to Popular Science makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in science, technology, or innovations in the areas of electronics and automobiles. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Popular Science.

Overall Rating: 4.2 Stars based on 9 reviews
Review Title: Love it
Reviewed by: Mr jim

best magazine out there. very informative

Reviewed by: DON

I ordered the magazine for my 15 yr. old grandson, who wants to be an engineer, and likes your robot articles!

Review Title: MR
Reviewed by: Doug Ball

Ilove your popular science very much thank you

Review Title: Superior
Reviewed by: Margie

Have subscribed to PopSci for years and years; always something new to learn and I'm 72. Articles keep me up-to-date with new technology. Keep 'em coming!

Review Title: Ho Hum
Reviewed by: Russ

I used to read my dads Popular Science magazines many years ago. I found them informative and very interesting. No so much anymore. Most all of the articles are rather blah it seems. May be because I am older and not as much excites me anymore but I also think that they just lack the good writers that they had many decades ago. When my current subscription runs out I will not renew it.

Review Title: All
Reviewed by: Boomer

I liked the format of the old magazine better. To me, it is confusing at times, to sort out what is an article and an advertisement. Sorry, but your old magazine was hard to beat, not so sure now.

Review Title: Popular science
Reviewed by: Lee

great magazine lots of interesting stuff each month

Review Title: Go Popsci!
Reviewed by: Plells

Good magazine; Food for thought.

Review Title: Easy To Understand
Reviewed by: Ben

Popular science magazine is definitely for readers who can digest a handful of science. I find this magazine to be really easy to understand other than other science magazine who make it hard for the average person to understand.

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