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Modern Farmer is a magazine that is devoted to agriculture and food production in todays society. Included in the magazine are news stories related to the industry, advice for those currently operating farms, and articles on modern farm culture.

Modern Farmer is known well for publishing news stories related to the industry. These stories cover anything from illnesses and diseases affecting livestock to pieces of legislation that might change the ways farmers in the United States go about their business. Also covered are topics that affect the consumer, from the increased use of dyes and pesticides in mass-produced foods to the health benefits surrounding certain food items produced on our farms.

Each issue of Modern Farmer contains advice for those currently operating farms. All of this advice is provided by experts and professionals in the field, and readers can learn about new farming technologies, ways in which they might increase production in their specific environments, and much more.

Readers of Modern Farmer are treated to articles on modern farm culture. One recently published article titled Hay, Man: The Curious Life and times of Scarecrows documents ways in which the familiar icon has been transformed since its invention in medieval times.

A subscription to Modern Farmer makes a great gift for anyone who is involved in the farming business or is simply interested in the industry. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Modern Farmer.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars based on 3 reviews
Review Title: Modern Farmer
Reviewed by: Mr. Bing

For years, I've weighed carving out a more sustainable lifestyle for us as we attempt to manage on our retirement resources. So far, looks like this magazine can provide much needed wisdom and courage.

Review Title: Modern Farmer
Reviewed by: Lfaye

Began my first issue with the article on Farm Dogs. Having a real farm and dependent on a wise animal, I was disappointed that a subject of such importance was treated with such a brief essay, and for a journal that promised to be so progressive, it completely overlooked altogether the original, all purpose heritage farm dog that served American farmers for a century or more, and instead focused on AKC breeds that are rarely found capable any longer of performing the tasks they were bred to do. A better article would have exposed this tragic fact.

Review Title: Great for the everyday farmer
Reviewed by: Kelly G

The title of the magazine is exactly who it's for the everyday modern farmer. I own a small farm and this magazine is so nice to have. It provides amazing how-to articles and practical tips for every type of farm. It also discussed modern issues in the farming industry. Very informative magazine.

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