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About Guns and Ammo Magazine:

Guns and Ammo is an American firearms magazine. Its expert writers offer articles on hunting and competitive shooting, reviews of guns and gun accessories, articles about gun rights and history, and entries about collecting guns.

Guns and Ammo Magazine is known well for its articles about hunting and competitive shooting. The magazine contains instructional articles about properly zeroing a rifle for a hunting trip or choosing the right weapon on the day of a competition. One article talks about the little known sport 3-Gun and what shooters getting into the sport can do to avoid early disqualification.

Readers of Guns and Ammo Magazine are treated to reviews of popular guns, equipment, and accessories. Each issue contains reviews of handguns, rifles, and shotguns, as well as accessories like scopes and silencers. Some reviews even feature the opinions of police officers and soldiers.

Guns and Ammo publishes informative articles about gun rights and gun history. One article compares the gun control efforts of 2013 to the efforts launched in 1994. Another titled How to Interact with Police While Carrying acts as a guide for those who wish to assert their rights respectively.

Each issue of Guns and Ammo Magazine includes articles related to the collecting of guns. The magazines gun experts instruct readers on how to sift through weapons at gun shows and pawn shops to find guns that match the rest of their collections. One article talks about gun collection storage and upkeep to help prepare readers collections for disaster.

A subscription to Guns and Ammo Magazine makes a great gift for anyone who owns a gun and is interested in shooting sports, gun rights and history, and gun collecting. On our website, you can either order a new Guns and Ammo subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew your Guns and Ammo subscription.

Overall Rating: 4.9 Stars based on 14 reviews
Review Title: Farmhand
Reviewed by: Farmhand

Enjoy it.Love the articles,great info.

Review Title: Top pick
Reviewed by: Gargantua

Gun's & Ammo is a must mag for all gun enthusiasts. The product reviews alone are worth the subscription price but it has so much more, shooting tips, changes in gun law, range info, personal experiences from both the experts and the rest of us. 5 stars.

Review Title: Mr
Reviewed by: Carey G

Bought for a friend.I have been reading it for years.I have been in law enforcement for years and I still learn something from the articles. Regards and be safe Carey G

Review Title: Good
Reviewed by: Jestr

magazine was supposed to be free with shotgun news subscription but got bill in mail anyway. actually glad I paid for it because I like the magazine. will pay closer attention to fine print in the future!

Review Title: Always
Reviewed by: Steve

We got this mag. for a friend . I've been reading it for years. They are new LTC , 2 nd amend. Supporters. And very adept at there new venture. They love the mag. Husband and Wife.

Review Title: Guns & Ammo
Reviewed by: Wig

I enjoy reading this magazine

Review Title: First Review
Reviewed by: Pd702

Although I have been reading G&A for many years, this is the first time I have spent time to comment upon my experience. I have read many "dislikes" over exotic firearms, exotic hunts, etc. I must state in the strongest terms that, if not for G&A I may not have experienced some of these firearms or hunts. While I have lived & worked all over this amazing world in my 70 years, many times under fire or returning same, the opportunity to do "just gun stuff" has infrequently presented itself.If not for G&A, I would be limited to my own narrow perspective of the beauty & mystique of the world of the shooter. I give my heartfelt thanks, along with a subscription for my three grandsons, for this world class publication that introduces old timers & newbies to the "entire world" of amazing firearms,Thank you

Review Title: Guns and ammo
Reviewed by: Terry

Great magazine. I really like identification and values. Your stories are well done, and enjoyable to read.

Review Title: Interesting
Reviewed by: FlawidaJack

I used to read religiously, many years ago. Came back to the magazine recently. Still very informative, except for the focus on little black rifles. Not everyone wants to play war. Guns are tools sometimes, pieces of art sometimes, but not always for playing soldier.

Review Title: Guns & Ammo
Reviewed by: Mummer

Excellent magazine, with honest reviews and advice for the novice as well as the experienced shooter!

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