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Ebony is a monthly magazine first published in 1945 that is meant for an African-American audience. The magazine focuses mainly on careers and finance, relationships and sex, and news and entertainment pieces.

Ebony is known well for the informative articles on careers and finance that each issue contains. The writers at Ebony offer advice on getting ahead in a career field by doing things like utilizing past experience and choosing the right career path. Also offered are tips for those who are struggling with saving money and would benefit from things like starting side-businesses or breaking bad spending habits.

Readers of Ebony are treated to advice on relationships and sex. One article instructs women on how to stop breaking their own heart and take control of their love lives. Another article travels into the gray area that is known as office romance.

The writers at Ebony cover news and entertainment stories that are relevant to the African community. They offer extensive commentary on current events and politics, as well as detailed articles and interviews with African-American actors and actresses, musicians, athletes, and more.

A subscription to Ebony makes a great gift for any African-American man or women who would benefit from financial information and relationship advice, or would enjoy reading news and entertainment pieces relevant to the African-American community. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Ebony.

Review Title: Great African American Publication
Reviewed by: Rosemarie C

This magazine is a great African American publication. The magazine really caters to all African Americans covering articles the range from relationships to life advice to sex. To me it is the epitome of a great well rounded magazine. Been subscribing for year, and won't stop anytime soon!

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