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Cooks Illustrated is an advertisement-free cooking magazine that is published every two months both for serious chefs and those looking for new recipes to start with. The magazine offers extensive recipe testing and cooking instructions as well as evaluations of kitchen equipment and branded foods and ingredients.

Cooks Illustrated Magazine does not just provide recipes, but provides readers with extensive test results as to how the dishes come out and what readers can do to alter the recipe according to their particular tastes. Recipes and taste test results are published for all types of dishes, ranging from main courses like Greek Shrimp with Feta to soups and stews, breakfast dishes, and desserts.

The magazine is read not just by expert cooks but by beginners as well for its detailed and manageable cooking instructions. Not only do the writers give step by step instructions for recipes, they also teach readers about the actual cooking processes and ingredients used in creating the dishes. For example, one recent article asks the question of How does natural beef differ from regular beef? Does it taste better?

Cooks Illustrated magazine is well-known for its extensive evaluations of kitchen equipment. Reviews are provided for all types of equipment, ranging from appliances like juice mixers and coffee machines to hand tools like the kitchen shear. One recent evaluation is so detailed that the writer cooks several types of foods on several different indoor grills just to determine if there is a better one than the infamous George Forman Grill.

A subscription to Cooks Illustrated makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys cooking at any skill level and wants to learn about new recipes and cooking techniques. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew your Cook's Illustrated subscription.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars based on 21 reviews
Review Title: Cooks Illustrated
Reviewed by: Bethsgirl

I love this magazine, no ads and a lot of hints that I never knew, great recipes with step by step directions. Substitutions for some ingredients that you might not have. Wonderful! I have given 2 gifts of this magazine, and will give more as I learn who would appreciate it!

Review Title: Cooks illustrated
Reviewed by: Nell

i look forward to this magazine coming...wish it was every month. it is my favorite magazine...the information it provides is endless. i love this magazine. i have canceled all other magazines...this is the only one i receive!

Review Title: Cook's Illustrated Review
Reviewed by: Hobbit

This is the most fabulous magazine that any cook could want or use. Filled with incredible information that would appeal to any level cook. I often give this magazine as a gift so that other cooks that I know can marvel with delight when they receive their subscription.

Review Title: Thank you
Reviewed by: Linda

This was a surprise gift from my husband and he did it right this time! I'm only on my 2nd issue and I am loving it! I may never make most of the recipes but I love how much I am learning. I especially love that I am not told to run out to buy another $$$$$$$$$ device. You just instructed me in another way parchment paper is my friend.Thank you.

Review Title: Inspiring and Informative
Reviewed by: Livermojo

I devour every issue I receive. Enjoy the product reviews and hints that make cooking and prep easier. The scientific information and testing with various temperatures or techniques are so useful, resulting in a perfect outcome if I follow the directions.

Review Title: Cook's
Reviewed by: Nan

Love this magazine! Got my friend one also. It is very informative. If you are a young cook it is really good check it out!

Review Title: Cooks illustrated
Reviewed by: Simmisagely

It's a great magazine, recipes and techniqes

Review Title: Carol
Reviewed by: Carol

Great magazine. I love the cooking tips and use them often. Recipes are usually very good and most are easy and quick.

Review Title: Anyone can cook!
Reviewed by: Mimilittlemom

Cook's magazine gives anyone the step by step directions to be a great cook! I love the detailed explanation about recipes and the ongoing trials to make them perfect. They have great recommendations for ingredient choices and cookware. I save all of my issues to reference at later dates. Happy Cooking!

Review Title: My review
Reviewed by: Kenny

Great, detailed magazine for cooks and people wanting to learn how to cook. I got it for my Mom and she loves it! She always tells me new tips and recipes she learns from the magazine.. Oh, and the testing of different products is soessential when going to the grocery store. Keep up the good work Cook's

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