Our Guarantee

The customer is always right.

At Magazine Discount Center we strive to be the best, which is why we always put you first. If you need to cancel a subscription, no problem. We will credit you with the price of all the undelivered issues immediately. We don't need to ask why; we just need to know that it's a move you want to make.

We want to make it easy on you.

We provide you with the simplest way to manage your subscription once everything is started. On our customer service page there are all the tools you need. You can change your address if you've moved, report any issue and if that doesn't cover it, our number is right there, give us a call any time.

We are not a faceless corporation.

At Magazine Discount Center we don't want to use the web to separate ourselves from you like some other sites, we want to have the closest thing to the newsstand as possible, all while offering you the low prices that only the web can bring.

We will not charge you without notice.

Other magazine sites may renew your subscription without telling you, but that's simply not what were about. Every time your subscription runs out we will mail you a notification and give you the option to renew or not.

We will put you first.

Have a question or comment for us? Don't hesitate to shoot us an email or drop us a line. We will take the time to personally respond to every communication we receive from our customers. We want to know how your experience with our company went, so we can take that information and make our practices even better than they were before.