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The Top 10 Best Magazines of 2014

That’s right, we’ve got the best of the best right here! And with the holidays are right around the corner, this list might be a good idea for to give to friends and family, after all it is the gift that keeps on giving! So let’s get to it shall we?

10. Cooks Illustrated


Who’s hungry? Now the first thing you need to know is that Cook’s Illustrated is not like your normal everyday here’s a new recipe of the month magazine.  This ad-free bi-monthly magazine is for the serious chef, or chef who wants to be taken seriously, by providing them with test results with featured dishes using different ingredients based on your particular taste buds. If you’re a beginner-cook, don’t be scared off this magazine works great for you too! Click here to see more: Cook’s Illustrated.

9. Golf


Want to know how to step up your golf game? Get everything you need to do so right here! Golf magazine gives readers tips on how to best improve their game, and great reviews on clubs and golf accessories. Learn from the best top 100 golf teachers in America whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

8. O, The Oprah Magazine


What isn’t there to be said about Oprah? She gives the best advice, helps instill self-empowerment, she teaches us how to manage stress, and how to move forward creating a better life; and now she can do it all in the confines of a magazine! What woman wouldn’t want this publication?! Get it here!

7. Southern Living


Get the best of southern culture, recipes, and places to visit all wrapped in one great publication! Now while Southern Living focuses mainly on cuisine, readers also get to enjoy articles on home planning and home decoration, tips for gardening, and detailed plant guides. Get an insider look on the floor plans of some of the homes featured in the great south to get a real taste of what it’s like there. Want to find out more, visit Southern Living today!

6. Country Living


Much like Southern Living, Country Living is all about…you guessed it country lifestyle! Readers can enjoy articles featured on home décor, gardening, antiques, recipes, and craft-making. Country Living is popular for its featured house tours, and how you can decorate your home without breaking your bank! Get your copy here!

5. TV Guide


Declared as the most trustworthy source of anything regarding television news can be found right here! TV Guide features reviews of new and current shows, what’s upcoming, along with exclusive interviews with the stars from your favorite shows and movies.

4. The Family Handyman


This magazine is the perfect gift for your favorite handyman. Learn all about home improvement projects with step-by-step guides regarding in-home care projects, landscaping work, and outdoor jobs that most people pay someone to do. Want to learn more? Check out Family Handyman Magazine here!

3. Good Housekeeping


Famous for its extensive product testing and healthy recipes, good housekeeping also features a lot of great literary articles on healthy living. Learn about the latest and greatest household appliances, along with electronics with the reviews provided, along with tips on the best way to make delicious and nutritious meals! No need to break your bank, in this month’s holiday subscription learn how to create your own ornaments!  So recipes and reviews aside, Good Housekeeping also gives readers articles feature on home and organizing, in addition to beauty and style tips! Get your subscription here.

2. Smithsonian Magazine


Rounding up in our 2nd spot, it’s no surprise that Smithsonian Magazine would be anywhere else on this list. Get your fill of history, travel, the arts, science and technology all in one place. For those who have a true interest in the following topics, Smithsonian is the perfect gift as its articles do a spectacular job of keeping their readers informed and connected with everything that is going on in the world. Want your own copy? Get it here!

1.  Readers’ Digest


With a publication that gives it all, current events, top travel spots, and healthy recipes, it’s pretty clear why this magazine made the number 1 spot! This magazine has something for everyone in the family to enjoy, and has come quite a long way since its first publication in 1922.

Did your favorite magazine make the list? Let me know what you like and leave me a comment below, and make sure you check out www.magazinediscountcenter.com for even more great subscriptions!

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