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Social Media Madness

To all my social media loving readers, this post is exclusively for you!

First off I’m going to pose the question, what exactly gets you the most interested in using social media? Is it that it helps keep you connected with your friends and family? Or the way you get to share your free flowing thoughts, pictures, and videos with everyone? Keep this question in the back of your mind as you continue to read this post.

Lately, there’s been a lot of chatter about a new social media platform, Ello, which has been claimed as “The Anti-Facebook.” Ello is an ad-free, invite-only, independent social network. Now while the platform is starting to get its viral reputation with the mentioned qualities, there has been a lot of speculation that this platform is going to fail. Having zero ads triggers the thought that this site will not produce any revenue and won’t last. Especially being that it’s free to join – only after you’ve been given an invitation to participate. That’s right. You have to be special to someone who was one of four other special people to receive an invitation. (Each invite allows you to send on an invitation to four other people.)

While, upon reading more articles about the mysteriously new Ello platform, I’ve learned that its layout and setup is built to be a combination of Tumblr and Google+, with comment threads, and that there is no actual feed.  You will have your Friends, and also Noise. (From what I’ve read this relates to people who you would to pay less attention to than your Friends.) So while the setup of this platform has only slightly peaked my interest, my curiosity really lies in knowing what this platform offers that differs than the rest.

As an active member in the social networking communities I can tell you that I love each platform for what makes it unique to the next. Obviously, it’s boring to have a bunch of versions of the same platform, but in doing my research on Ello, I then found myself lost in another article about the competing social networks. If this happens to you as well, and this topic really speaks to your interest as well, I strongly encourage you check out the MIT Technology Review Magazine to get all the latest info on technology and social media. This magazine is a great way to get all the best insights on cutting edge technology and the future of it.

So now let’s go back to my original question; what gets you the most interested in using social media? Will you be working your social media connections magic to get an invite to Ello? Let me know in the comment box below!

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