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The Perfect Holiday Gift Solution!

The holidays are approaching, and once again it is time to go gift shopping for the friends and family in our lives. But before you hit the stores, ask yourself one important question. Does anyone on my list like to read?xmas-stockings

If the answer is yes, a magazine subscription might just be the perfect holiday gift you’ve been looking for. There are magazines available on just about every topic, from immensely popular ones like fitness and beauty, to those like backpacking or woodworking that aren’t so popular, but have their followings too. Chances are if someone on your list likes to read, there is a magazine for them! So look through this list, and decide whether any of these top-selling titles might help you get your holiday shopping done a little sooner.

Health and Fitness Titles

In recent years, fitness has become a larger part of the average American’s life. With highly-equipped gyms on every other corner and running clubs with hundreds of members, no one can deny the fitness craze that has taken over.

With that said, there must be someone on your list who has expressed interest in a thing like running or cycling, or has been known to frequent the local gym. Why not give them the gift of a magazine subscription that will help them achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves?runners

Runner’s World and Running Times are the two classic, archetype running magazines, and most people who are serious about running subscribe to at least one of the two. Contained in those magazines is training advice, race coverage, equipment reviews, and a whole lot more.

For fitness magazines not focusing exclusively on running, you might try Men’s Fitness or Yoga Journal. The first focuses on topics like nutrition and body building, while the second would be appreciated by anyone who does yoga, whether they’ve been at it for years or are just starting out.

Is anyone in your family crazy enough to go on backpacking trips? If they are, Backpacker is a magazine filled with advice, destinations, equipment reviews, and more.

Food and Cooking Titles

If someone on your list likes to cook or bake, consider giving them a magazine subscription rather than a new bake pan or apron. They might just get more use out of it!

Cook’s Illustrated is a go-to magazine for experienced cooks, not only for its innovative recipes but its detailed photographs and easy-to-follow instructions. With this magazine, any cook on your list will be able to expand their knowledge and capabilities in the kitchen.

Is there a health fanatic on your list who wouldn’t be happy with the gourmet bacon burger that would do well for most of us? Magazines like Cooking Light and Vegetarian Times, containing low-calorie and meat free selections, might just be perfect for them. And before you ask, the recipes taste great!

Automobile Titles

Car magazines have been a staple of the market, perhaps more than any other kind, for decades. There are dozens of them in print, all focusing on different types of cars from different time periods. Here are the major titles that would certainly impress the car enthusiast on your list.

Autoweek is the magazine for those interested in modern day models. Readers can find out what the major brands are putting out in coming years, how those cars drive, and more. The writers and editors at this magazine seriously know their stuff.

automobilesHot Rod, on the other hand, is published for those who enjoy those classic cars that turn heads everywhere they go. From coverage of major car exhibitions to restoration advice, this magazine is the clear choice for any classic car enthusiast on your list.

Remember, there are titles published on just about any topic you could imagine. It would be impossible to discuss all of the different categories here, let alone all of the titles that are printed. Do some searching, find the magazine that is just right for your friend or family member, and seriously impress them with a gift they will never forget, or want to put down. Happy holidays!

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