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The Best Teen Dream Magazines You’ve Ever Seen

Teen magazines have been a staple of magazine shelves for a long time, and for good reason. Pop culture is constantly shifting and changing, and nobody stays on top of those shifts like teens and the writers of teen magazines. Whether the focus is on fashion, beauty, entertainment or celebrities, teen magazines will let you know what’s popular now and what will be popular next.  Today I’ve got four top teen magazines to keep you both on trend and up to speed with teen celebrity news.



Seventeen is one of the ultimate staples of teen magazines. Every girl I know has had a subscription at some point in their lives. From the fashion shoots and advice on how to get celebrity outfit look-a-likes at affordable and findable national chains to dating advice to fitness tips, Seventeen has got everything a girl could need.



Nylon has always seemed to me like Seventeen’s cooler, edgier sister. With a greater focus on staying on the cutting edge of what’s trendy, you might not always recognize instantly the person on the cover, but that’s part of the fun about Nylon, you’re hearing about people, music, and fashion trends before anyone else. If you think that Seventeen is a little too mainstream for your tastes, Nylon is definitely the magazine to check out.

Girls’ Life

girls life

Girls’ Life has the usual fashion and dating tips, but also focuses on social issues that teen girls face. They cover topics like bullying, having good self-esteem, and how to make new friends. Girls’ Life also covers inexpensive beauty tips so readers don’t have to worry about blowing their allowance or paychecks on Sephora shopping trips, although I could probably use that advice too. Girl’s Life also features articles on books, television, movies, and other entertainment that are currently popular. A perfect magazine for any teenaged girl.



For the celebrity obsessed teen, there is no greater magazine than J-14. It breaks down all the latest drama and who’s dating whom so that you’ve got all the best gossip. J-14 also has great behind the scenes info from popular teen television shows like Pretty Little Liars. If you want to know everything that is happening in the world of Hollywood and celebrity culture, J-14 is the one to check out.

Which teen magazines do you like best? Are there teen magazines you used to love that aren’t in print anymore? Let me know in the comments!


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