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Are Themed 5ks the New Workout Trend?

Are you one that’s always looking to get back in shape, but lack complete motivation because it just becomes so unappealing? With the new trend of themed 5ks that are increasingly growing in popularity, you just might have a change of heart. I personally would like to thank the idea person for the tough mudder, zombie run, color run, etc. for finally making running fun!


I am not a big runner, or one who loves to go to the gym every day, but I recently attended a themed 5k (The Color Run) a few weeks ago, and I have felt nothing but inspiration to want to do it again. Getting the off chance to just run through a cloud of color with music playing, and my friends alongside made the activity so much more enjoyable; and allowing it to feel less like a forced workout.  While The Color Run, is labeled to be the “happiest 5k on earth,” the track I was on was extremely hilly, and I sneezed the color green for two days, the distance of the trail didn’t seem to be too rough, and it was quite an enjoyable way to work out and be outdoors.

As the nation has made itself very aware of its obesity problem, so much in fact that the American Heart Association (AMA) now considers it to be a disease.  And while there still is no magic pill to cure obesity, doctors and scientists still stand by the full proof method of managing a well and balanced diet, and an encouraged exercise routine. Sounds easy right? Unfortunately it seems that convenience tends to win out more often in the battle of healthy vs. not-so- healthy (fast) foods. It’s easier to grab a quick meal that’s already made for you, or pop something in the microwave than to create a well-balanced meal that gives you the right amount of nutrients, without all the extra carbs and fat.

So while we all plan to eat more fruits and vegetables, a work out plan is the next goal to tackle. For those who thoroughly enjoy working out, kudos! For the rest of us who don’t, besides not actually enjoying it, I know that we all have valid reasons for not making it to the gym each week. While time is a true treasure, it is not something that can always come sparingly. Nor will the first thing I think to do with my spare time will be to go to the gym (even though it should be).

So where does this leave us now? Enter the themed 5k’s, and now the game has changed!

It’s not like 5k’s are new on the block; the concept to walk for a cause, and create awareness has been around for quite some time and is certainly a good motivator to many. However, with the new twist of obstacles, and exercises; along with the fascination to just run through a paint, or be chased by a zombie has encouraged many to get more excited and involved in fitness activities.

So is this just another trend, or is this concept here to stay? Tell me what you think, and leave a comment below!

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