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The Apple Rumor Mill

As the launch of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus released this week, the final speculations on everything that comes with the new device can finally come to an end. However, the Apple rumor mill never really stays quiet for long. Just yesterday, TechCrunch released an article about Apple planning to end its contract with Beats Music, which only started in May. Since the article launch, there have been many reports in which Apple is denying this claim; and stating that there is a possibility of Beats being rebranded. While rumors about Apple innovations and upgrades is its own business, with blogs like appleinsider.com and MacRumors updating daily. Of course, the danger of spending all your time wondering what Apple might be doing, is that often, you get it wrong.


Here are just 3 instances in which we have all been a misled, and one which came out pretty on point.

Q: Rumor vs Reality

1. The Curved Phone


The curved glass on the phone is supposed to cut glare and make reading your phone outside easier. App developers were worried about the challenges of redesigning their products to accommodate a new glass design and changing ratio aspects. While Apple did make the sides of the iPhone 6 curved, the glass has remained the same. There are two curved Android phones have already been released, the G Flex by LG and the Galaxy Round by Samsung (both being available in South Korea) but it looks like Apple is taking a pass on that phone trend at the moment, which makes sense given that the American market looks less interested in having a curved phone.

A: Rumor

Q: Rumor vs Reality

2. 3D vision

Apple has recently acquired PrimeSense, an Israeli company whose technology is behind XBox Kinect. Huffington Post reported that the technology was getting more sophisticated and small, so that it could soon be incorporated into a cell phone. It’s unclear what Apple will do with the PrimeSense technology, however it was not used in the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus; so for this generation of iPhone this remains a rumor. iPhone 7 however, might have more surprises.

A: Rumor… for now

Q: Reality vs. Rumor

3. Larger Screen


As early as October of 2013 rumors started for a bigger screen on the iPhone 6. This was part rumor, part customer demand. Android and Windows phones have been developing bigger and bigger screens while iPhones remained relatively small. While most dedicated Apple fans were not swayed, many wanted the “phablet” experience Samsung Galaxy Note users were able to experience. Apple was able to deliver on this, with the iPhone 6 Plus creating a direct competitor to Android phablets.

A: Reality

Q: Reality vs Rumor

4. Microwave charging

It seems that with every iPhone release comes a rumor that isn’t hopeful addition, but a malicious hoax meant to trick eager users. 4Chan members created an official looking press release that boasted a feature called Apple Wave, which reported that if you put your iPhone in a microwave, it would charge the battery. It won’t. It will melt your iPhone. Be sure to check any rumor that seems like it might be harmful to your phone or too good to be true. It probably is.

A: Rumor – Seriously, do not try this!


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