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Is an E-Reader Worth Purchasing?

It seems like just yesterday when I remember my teachers telling me that e-books will be the next big thing. I thought it would be so bizarre to have such a small device holding the knowledge of all my text books. So let’s fast forward a few years from that, and iPhones are introduced to the world; it wasn’t long after that tablets made their big entrance, and now here we are!  So are they really better than then printed out books?

While many will debate that this is a personal opinion, and for the moment let’s just table the idea of the different types of models of tablets out there, and all their other functionalities and focus on the actual e-reader facts.


Pros of E-Reader:

  • One small device can hold many!
    Depending on the type of device you are using, whether it be a multi-functioning tablet (iPad, Samsung tablet, Windows Surface, etc.) or a more concentrated e-reader (such as a Kindle or Nook), you have the ability to carry around a number of books/newspapers/magazines. No more sore shoulders or backs from carrying heavy books all over the place! Anyone who’s ever had to carry their 20 lbs. worth of schoolbooks in their backpacks will appreciate the light nature of an e-reader.
  • On-the-go much? No problem!
    E-readers are made for convenience, which is why their portable feature makes them so desirable. You can read from anywhere. So whether you’re waiting for your kids to end soccer practice, or on your lunch break you can squeeze in a chapter or two from wherever you are.
  • No more pesky pages!
    And no more cramped hands, or having to worry about losing your bookmark! Thanks to technology, nowadays all you have to do is swipe! How easy is that? Not only is the swipe feature great, but you have the ability to change the font you’re reading in, what size the text is, and even the color of the text and page. (I actually quite love this feature with my Kindle. If I’m reading at night I don’t have to use a book light, and can make the background of the page black and the text white so the screen isn’t so harsh on my eyes.)

Another really cool feature is being able to highlight words, or pages; and if you tap and hold on a word long enough you have the option to look at its definition. (A stellar way to increase your vocab skills!)

  • It’s in HD and comes with audio!
    Alright, so again depending on what type of device you have, this can be a total perk. If you prefer to maintain a real page-like look with your e-reader, I highly recommend you check out the Kindle Paper White, or the original Kindle. Otherwise you get the glorious effect of seeing words in perfect pixel format; and for those audiobook lovers out there, you can listen in on your favorite stories in addition to watching movies, TV shows, or playing a game.


Cons of E-Reader:

  • It’s going to cost how much?
    Right, so no these handy little devices aren’t always the most affordable item on the shelf; and depending on what kind of e-reader you’re looking to buy will depend on how much it’s going to cost.
  • Paper books don’t need Wi-Fi!

Kindle works exclusively with Amazon, so if you do not have an Amazon account this might not be your way to go. However, if you choose a Kindle Fire, and want web-access and to watch movies and such the great part is that you don’t need to buy a separate data plan to use it. All you need is Wi-Fi! This can also be a downer if you want to use the Internet capabilities and are not in a Wi-Fi zone.
Nooks are just the same as Kindles, only they operate through Barnes & Noble.
iPad’s and all other tablets also have Wi-Fi capabilities, however if you want to use the internet when you are not in a Wi-Fi zone you will have to purchase data plan through your internet/cable/phone provider.

  • Too many models to choose from, what do I really want?
    Choice can be overwhelming, and everyone always wants what’s new. However, not all e-readers are created equal, and each model will offer something different. If you plan on purchasing one, be sure to do your research on what capabilities you want to get the most out of your e-reader.
  • Glares, cases, screen protectors….is all this really necessary?
    It’s true, a book doesn’t give you a glare, nor do you really have to worry about being dropped unless it’s falling into puddle of water. With tablets/e-readers you have to showcase a lot more caution due to the nature of its construct, so as it definitely adds up when buying accessories for your e-reader, depending how well you take care of it might determine the lifespan of your device.

So is it really worth buying now?

Try not to get discouraged. When buying a device as such, it can feel overwhelming at times. There is definitely a lot to consider when making the conscious choice to purchase an e-reader, hopefully this article will beneficial to you when come to a decision.

Like what I had to say? Tell me what you think, and leave me a comment below.

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