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Other Guns & Ammo Magazine Reviews:
Self Defense
Reviewed by: Ryan

I really like the self defense training features in the Guns and Ammo magazine. All the information in this section of the magazine are accurate and while they cannot provide a novice with the training that the military can, you can get some pretty outstanding ideas of how to protect yourself in a difficult situation.

Highly Recommend
Reviewed by: Bob

Ive been subscribing to guns & ammo for years. What I like this magazine the most is its new gun reviews. The magazine covers a wide spectrum of hunting, tactical and bullet reloading tips.

S&W M&P Shield Review By SGM Lamb
Reviewed by: Carl

I agree with SGM Lamb and his review of the S&W M&P Shield. If this is not the perfect carry gun for a lot of people, it sure is for me. I was looking for a 9mm carry gun that I actually liked, was fun to shoot and could shoot well; then I handled a Shield and I was hooked. Took it to the range and surprised myself! I was expecting a so-so hard to handle, bought it because it wears well type of recent 9mm small gun. Wrong! This gun is perfect for me, easy to carry and conceal, accurate and just fun to shoot. Another bonus is it fits in the same DeSanties belt holster as my Ruger SR 22, that allows me more training and practice options. Great review Sergeant Major, enjoyed it! SGM (R) Carl Ballinger, Pueblo, Colorado.

Good Coverage, No Drooling
Reviewed by: Ukko

G&A has articles written by people who know their subject AND know how to write about it.

Guns & Ammo
Reviewed by: Mummer

Excellent magazine, with honest reviews and advice for the novice as well as the experienced shooter!

Reviewed by: FlawidaJack

I used to read religiously, many years ago. Came back to the magazine recently. Still very informative, except for the focus on little black rifles. Not everyone wants to play war. Guns are tools sometimes, pieces of art sometimes, but not always for playing soldier.

Guns And Ammo
Reviewed by: Terry

Great magazine. I really like identification and values. Your stories are well done, and enjoyable to read.