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About Time Magazine:

Time Magazine was the first American weekly news magazine, and is the most popular one in America today. Each issue touches on a variety of topics, covering politics, business, science and technology, entertainment, and much more. The writers at Time magazine approach these areas of innovation through the perspectives of those at the front lines, making for a unique style that has been successful for almost a century.

Readers of Time Magazine are also treated to articles about subjects other than news and politics. The magazine has published countless articles about business, technology, and science, as well as many general entertainment pieces. For example, one recent technology article titled Man vs. Machine explores the possibility of man-built machines one day becoming smarter than humans. The writer consults experts who give information about the technology we have now and what might be available in the future.

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A Timeless Classic!
Reviewed by: Loren I. Randle

TIME magazine is such a classic and it's one of my favorite magazines. It covers a variety of topics like, politics and technology. It is a trustworthy publication and keep me informed and smart. Worth every penny!

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