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Guitar World is a monthly magazine dedicated to guitarists that was first published in 1980. The magazine offers original interviews with popular guitarists, extensive gear reviews written by experts, and lessons from professional guitarists on advanced techniques.

Guitar World is known well for the countless original interviews that have been published in the magazine. In one interview from 1993, original Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell talks about the twelve metal songs that were most influential to his playing. Guitar World also provides reviews of recent albums like Pearl Jams new release entitled Lightning Bolt.

Readers of Guitar World are treated to extensive gear reviews written by guitar experts. In one feature the writer takes what he calls a host of divine and almighty guitar amps and tests each one thoroughly, publishing the results for the benefit of the readers. Guitar World also offers gear tips for those who are just starting out. One article is meant to help first-time buyers find suitable starter acoustic guitars.

Each issue of Guitar World contains tablatures of popular guitar songs as well as lessons from professionals on advanced techniques. Each month the magazine publishes five tablatures, teaching readers how to play songs by bands like Van Halen and The Beatles. In one lesson featured in the magazine, Aristocrats guitarist Guthrie Govan guides readers through twenty challenging tapping licks.

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Reviewed by: Frankie M

This magazine is great value for its price. The digital issue is amazing as well and they always have very respectable articles for all guitar players.

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