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Good Housekeeping Magazine is a womens interest magazine that put out its first publication in 1885. The magazine is known well for its extensive product testing as well as the healthy recipes, diet and health tips, and literary articles that each issue contains.

The extensive product testing that is done by the writers of Good Housekeeping is the main thing that makes the magazine stand out. Readers consult Good Housekeeping before making the big decision to purchase an appliance like a juice mixer or coffee machine. The magazine also includes testing of electronics such as cameras and telephones. With countless choices available each time a purchasing decision is made, Good Housekeeping helps readers to find out exactly what works best for their needs.

Good Housekeeping is also known for the popular and healthy recipes that are contained within each issue. Some of the top recipes include New York style cheesecake and Pad Thai noodle salad. One recent article gives eight ideas for healthy dips and spreads that would be great for a house party.

Good Housekeeping publishes articles about nutrition and health that help readers to accomplish their health goals. In past issues the magazine has offered tips for getting a better sleep and finding time to exercise. One article goes into detail about the benefits of stress, and why it should not stress you out. Another article talks about particular salads that are fatty, yet are perceived by many to be healthy.

A subscription to Good Housekeeping makes a great gift for any woman who is interested in the products, recipes, and health choices that lead to a healthy and thriving home life. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Good Housekeeping.

Overall Rating: 4.9 Stars based on 19 reviews
Review Title: Good Housekeeping
Reviewed by: Suzie

Good Housekeeping magazine is great! It is a good mixture of many things to keep it interesting!

Review Title: The best
Reviewed by: Rosie

Just love it. My family enjoys all the great new recipies I make.

Review Title: Good Housekeeping
Reviewed by: Alex

I am enjoying the magazine. I like the recipes.

Review Title: Love this magazine
Reviewed by: Bettyvecc

I look forward to getting this magazine. Great articles and recipes. I also love the outfits that are modeled.

Review Title: Good Housekeeping
Reviewed by: Grammyk1

A longtime favorite, GH is known for balancing varied topics with trusted and useful information.

Review Title: Good Housekeeping
Reviewed by: Marje

I enjoy reading Good Housekeeping but liked it much better when there were not so many adds and more content, recipes and stories.

Review Title: Like
Reviewed by: BRF

I really like it.

Review Title: Great Magazine
Reviewed by: Scarlett

Great all around magazine, love the decorating ideas and the diet tips. Has something for almost everyone

Review Title: Mr.
Reviewed by: Sgooby

We enjoy the recipes and house hold items and new ideas and new advertising

Review Title: Good Housekeeping
Reviewed by: Jackie

Have been getting Good Housekeeping my entire adult life. My mother used to get me a subscription each year. When she passed away, I started giving my own daughter a yearly subscription. Always enjoy it!

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