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All You Magazine is a womens interest magazine that focuses mainly on value. Stories and articles are included in each issue that offer tips for saving both money and time. The magazine is also known for its Reality Checkers, thousands of women who contribute tips to help fellow readers get more value out of life.

All You Magazine is widely known for the money that it saves for its readers. Each issue contains coupons to warehouse stores like Walmart that are already associated with savings and value. All You also goes beyond coupons, publishing information and guides to help readers live more value-oriented lifestyles. One recent guide instructs readers on how to store food and ingredients in ways that make them last longer. Also included in the magazine are tips for how to save money on family outings such as going to the movies.

All You does not only help its readers to save money, but helps them to save time as well. The magazine publishes information about money-making ventures that can be taken from home for parents who need to be home with children. All You also offers tips for decorating the home in noticeable ways that do not take so much time and effort.

A subscription to All You Magazine makes a great gift for any woman who is interested getting the most both out of her money and out of her time. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to All You.

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Reviewed by: Deb Moore

I started subscribing to this magazine with the first issue and try to NEVER let it expire! You get great value with this magazine - coupons that everybody uses, free websites and great articles written by the readers that we ALL can relate to! I subscribe to a lot of magazines, but there is so much more to this magazine, but this is by far, my most favorite magazine! Just the coupons alone make it worth subscribing to, but just look at all the extras that come with it! This is a great magazine for ALL of YOU - ALL YOU!!

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