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The Unconventional New Year

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions in the past, and for many of us those resolutions seem to be the same year in and year out- exercise more, sign up for volunteer work, start a savings account, etc. But what if it’s the generic nature of resolutions like these that actually prevents us from keeping our word once the weeks pile up and things get tough? In other words, what if they are simply too boring for us to really stay committed?

On the other hand, the internet is filled with stories of people who’ve made New Year’s resolutions that are somewhat less conventional, and more often than not, those people tend to stay the course (at least that’s what they say!). Even if the end goal is similar (better health, more money in the bank), a resolution that is specific and a little quirky can truly help you stay on track. Just take a look at these exciting ideas!

Don’t just travel- make a plan to document your experiences

Writers at realbuzz, a site devoted to healthy, active living suggest that their readers not simply make plans to travel in the new year, but to photograph themselves in a number of different places. Of course, the photographs are essentially just an excuse to do that boring old travelling. But sometimes we need a smaller, simpler task to focus ourselves in the face of one that is more time consuming and intimidating. Plus, here is some visual proof that taking photographs to document your travel experiences can be fun!

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Don’t just learn a new language- use it

Has anyone ever told you that they plan on learning a new language in the new year? Maybe French, Italian, or Arabic for the ambitious ones. Now, did they follow through and actually learn that language? Chances are they didn’t, because it is extremely hard to learn a new language outside of any meaningful context where it’s used.

But no one says that kind of context cannot be created! Do you have family members who speak Mandarin? Then learn that language instead of Russian, though they say there have been some really great books written in Russian. The chance to practice your new language in an authentic way will really help you follow through in learning it. And if you don’t have a similar opportunity, don’t worry. You’ll just have to be a little more creative. Learn your new language with the goal in mind of writing a short story, or recording a skit, or anything else you might think of. Just use it, or quite literally lose it!

 Don’t just exercise for the sake of exercising

No piece of writing on New Year’s resolutions is complete without a mention of exercise. But anyone will tell you, especially in the colder months, if your only motivation to go out and run is that you need to go out and run, it simply will not work. Instead, it helps to have some kind of larger goal in mind. Is there a list of scenic running or hiking trails in your area? Run them all. Is there a local race coming up in a few months? Train for it, and try for a new personal best. Shooting for goals like these will help motivate you to get out of bed on those especially rough mornings where it just doesn’t seem worth it.


Whatever goals you decide to go after this year, just remember two things. A slightly unconventional attempt can go a long way, and please, please, please, give it your best shot! Good luck!

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