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Trials and Tribulations of the Independent Living

It’s a beautiful Friday morning, and even though it’s early, I’m happy to know the weekend is only hours away. I recently moved into a new place, and so far everything has been going really well. A nice apartment made out just for me. Being a bit new to living on my own without roommates, I’ve been having a fun time learning how to really budget, grocery shop, and cook more than ramen and grilled cheese. After a few weeks I thought I had it all down, and was starting to make it look easy, until I wake up to a puddle of water on my bathroom floor.

After a phone call to my landlord I thought I was still in decent shape it wasn’t the end of the world; until I realized I didn’t actually have the appropriate cleaning supplies for the job. Clorox wipes, a Swiffer, and paper towels were not going to make the cut. Every new place should come with its own checklist don’t you think? So while waiting on my landlord to find out what to do; I tried to do what every independent person wants to do, and fix it on my own. This could not have been an even worse decision as I somehow found a way to make things worse.

So in trying to remain calm I decided to run out and get some real supplies (mop, bucket, more towels). I don’t have a washer and dryer in my new place so throwing down my nice super soft towels was definitely not an option. Upon my return from the store, my landlord finally appeared and gave me the scoop on what happened, and how we were going to fix it.

Five hours later from what started out as just a puddle, I was able to remove the solid ½” of water covering the floor, cleaned up the mats and towels, and bleach out my floors. Not only did I get lesson on deep cleaning but also a life lesson on how challenging living on my own really can be. Now while I was pretty lucky that my situation wasn’t worse, really gross, or had anything that was actually damaged. For those who’ve had any similar experiences, or even if you’re a new homeowner/apartment renter below are a few quick tips that can help you if you ever face a similar situation.

  • When dealing with a flooded bathroom, the most important thing to do is to shut of your water as soon as possible. If the leak is coming from a toilet or sink, there is usually a knob near the pipes that you can turn to the right and shut off.
  • Take inventory of any damages made in your home. Take notes and pictures, of items you may need to replace, or to show for insurance purposes and income tax deductions.
  • Once all of the water and electricity is off, move the furniture or items that got wet to dry areas.
  • Clean up all the debris, and remove any excess water. It is best to try and remove as much water from your floor as possible with mops, wet/dry vacuum, or blotting with paper towels and cloths.
  • Once everything is dry you can begin to clean the floors, and walls if needed. If you have hard wood floors, and they do not return back to their normal state, it may be a sign to hire a contractor to help you with repairs.

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