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How To Step Your Halloween Game

As Halloween fast approaches nowadays the holiday features costumes, candy, and trick or treating for most of us. But for many of you who don’t know, Halloween`s origins are ancient and were not nearly as devoted to sweets. In the early days of Halloween, rituals were performed to drive away evil spirits. They left treats for the demons, witches, and ghosts to snack on instead of the druids, and disguised themselves in masks and costumes to trick the spirits into thinking the druids were not their targets.

The name Halloween came from the Roman Catholic tradition of All Saints’ Day on November first. It was also called All Hallows’ Day, leading to the night before being called All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween. Need some ideas for how to celebrate and decorate before the big event this week? I’ve got some activities to consider so you’re all ready for the big day.



Decorating pumpkins is one of the highlights of Halloween for me. You can choose to carve your pumpkins (be careful! Children can help design and scoop seeds, but don’t let them handle knives alone) or you can decorate while leaving the pumpkin intact, like with glitter or markers, letting you decorate without all of the mess of traditional carving. Putting candles in carved jack-o’-lanterns is a beautiful addition and can creatively light the way to your door, but be sure to
place pumpkins where they will not tip over or be tempting to small hands.



Throwing a party? Having themed spooky food can really take it to the next level. Southern Living Magazine features tons of ideas for for party. You can make your cheese ball look like a pumpkin by adding a pretzel or broccoli stalk to the top. Hot spiced cider is another party favorite, which can be made for those interested in drinking or a family friendly version without much trouble.Tie a few honey wheat pretzels together and you’ve got haystacks. If you wrap hot dogs in breadstick dough, you can make your hot dogs look like mummies. Check out Southern Living Magazine for more ideas!


Costumes have changed a lot in the past few years. Pop culture references abound, and women’s costumes all seem to have a “sexy” element to them. Looking at old photos, it seems like costumes used to be primarily masks, whereas now costumes need to be head to toe to be convincing. And now with sites like Etsy and other online retailers, it’s much easier to get unique costumes rather than the usual plastic ones at the store I had when I was little. 

How are you planning to celebrate? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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