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Too Much Pink to Think

Next to celebrating the illustrious holiday that is Halloween, October is world famous for one other thing, being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What you may not know, is that the awareness campaign has been around since 1985. To quote Huffington Post, as I feel they said it best that “the amount of good and awareness that “Pinktober” has done, has heightened breast cancer awareness to “Santa Claus” status”. As everyone knows of Santa Claus, in October you wear pink.

To me, it’s kind of amazing to see a how a cause in need of such support can even create that much attention. To be able to coin “Pinktober” is certainly no small feat; however it seems now that the cause may be on the fringe of losing its sparkle. After reading around on some personal blogs, and the previously mentioned Huffington Post article, there are many people that think the campaign has achieved its goal. While the attention and focus of the cause is there, awareness for breast cancer has become so well known that it actually detracts away from the other causes that are highlighted in October, such as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, National Bully Prevention Month, or Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Some survivors have even voiced out that while they appreciate the recognition of all things pink and that bringing forth the attention of the cause is great, to those who just wear ribbons, participating in walks, or go braless for a day is only isn’t actually doing them any good. One survivor claims that instead seeing these things just send her into a post-traumatic funk.

Now while I do agree each cause has deserves it’s time to shine, as they are each important in their own right, I’m a little disappointed to read how discouraged people are becoming about it as breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and the second-most common cancer overall. I don’t think completely giving up on the cause is the answer, and we’re still hot off the heels of the ice bucket challenge for ALS. Clearly in this age of sharing and tagging we have room to pay attention to many causes. What cause will you be championing this fall?

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