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Holiday Shopping Madness

As Holiday season is now in full swing, and with retailers now open on Thanksgiving for Black Friday sales, you might have barely put down your fork and knife before heading out to stores. And if you did, you certainly weren’t alone. Of course, my favorite way to shop is online, so while deals were good Friday, Cyber Monday, which is supposed to be the online equivalent to Black Friday, is what I was waiting for. I’m sure you noticed the flood of emails from all of your favorite store’s mailing list sign-ups. I got emails from stores I don’t even remember signing up for! Nearly half of all shopping done over the past holiday weekend was completed online; and stores like Walmart promised shoppers that all deals found in stores could be redeemed online, and that they would not run out of sale merchandise.madness

Nowadays, less people are starting to trek out to the stores when they know they can get the same deals online, and now that the whole Black Friday event has turned into several days of shopping deals and discounts, stores might be looking a little less crowded overall. I went out twice over the weekend and although there were certainly lots of people, I was lucky enough to not experience any crazy Black Friday moments. Thankfully while some shopping experiences are becoming a bit more stable here in the United States, in London things were a bit crazier. REUTERS PICTURE HIGHLIGHT

Traditionally, Black Friday sales have been isolated to the US and US companies, but this year it’s grown quite a bit, and reaching other countries. Police were called to keep the peace at a number of places, and shoppers reported grabbing for items they didn’t even know if they needed just to get deals. For those living outside of the US, the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, is usually the most intense shopping day of the year, with stores cutting prices to remove excess stock they built up to deal with holiday demands. Now that Black Friday is catching on in other countries, it’s only a matter of time until Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday catch on too.

Holiday-Shopping-OnlineCyber Monday did not share Black Friday’s disappointing performance this year, despite a forecast of fewer people shopping online. According to Business Insider, total sales on Cyber Monday were up nearly 9%. Many retailers did not wait for Cyber Monday to put deals up online, especially those that don’t have online shopping websites available; unlike Walmart or Target, who were more interested in snagging Black Friday shoppers that wanted to stay home.

Need more deals or didn’t quite find the right gift for someone? Did you go out shopping over the holiday weekend? Let me know what you got in the comments below!

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