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Gmail Gets a Makeover

If you haven’t heard yet, two weeks ago Google made a huge announcement. They’re now launching a service called Inbox, to compliment Gmail. As of right now, the service is only available by invitation, and although I don’t have an invitation myself (and not for lack of trying); I have done a fair bit of research in anticipation. So if you haven’t already gotten an invite yourself yet, I’ve found three features we can get excited about seeing in Inbox when it opens up for public use.

1. It looks less like your old email inbox and more like your Facebook feed. Don’t freak out, but this is actually a great way to organize everything. From the early screenshots of the program, Inbox appears to be a much more image-heavy display, showing attached pictures along with subject headers and important info. Emails are bundled together according to subject matter, so all of those store email lists I can’t stop signing up for will appear together, therefore I only need to check them when I know I’m interested in shopping. It appears to be similar to the tabbed inbox that Gmail currently offers, but with a more effective twist, since the emails appear as one rather than just being sectioned off.

inbox-by-gmail-swipe 2. It focuses on making email quicker to process. I for one am in a constant struggle to keep my email under control. Between the newsletters and coupons, and emails I want to save for later with more important subjects that are quickly pushed down to the point where I might miss them or forget about them completely. With Inbox, emails will display the majority of relevant information, so it will be easier than ever to clear out unwanted clutter. For those of you who chase the elusive inbox zero status, Inbox should make it easier to work through your emails in a fraction of the time.

3. It helps you build a to-do list. This set up is great if you like to plan and set up appointments via email. Dates and meetings to remember and things to get done like I do? Inbox is designed to pick up on dates and times and to help you remember when you have things to do and creates an itemized to do list without making you switch apps or reenter the information. Communication-gmail-icon

Now I’ve been told a few people that they think this is a bit invasive how they are getting the information, and while I can see their point, at the same time it’s nothing different than what you are entering into Google already. Google is taking on the process of you doing it yourself and having it supplied for you. Inbox to the rescue!

So is this an end to Gmail as we know it? Are you excited to try Inbox or have you already? Let me know in the comments what feature is your favorite or what you are most looking forward to with this new setup!


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