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Top 5 Fun Fall Activities

As we pack up the shorts and flip flops, and pull out our sweatshirts and scarves, there is no need to cry about saying goodbye to summer. Fall is a great season for so many reasons, and no I’m not just talking about wearing boots and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. Even though the temperature is starting to get colder, that doesn’t mean you need to. There are plenty of reasons to enjoy the changing of the season, here are just a few ideas:

1. Sports

Fall sports is a big reason to get excited for the season. There’s nothing like getting together with your friends and family for some drinks, snacks, and watching your teams go head-to head. My friends and I love to get together for football games, and there is nothing more important than celebrating victory without some homemade buffalo chicken dip! I’ll let you in on my secret recipe here. However, for your non-sports fans, below are a few more ideas that might just spark your interest.

2. Attend Oktoberfest
So for those of us who don’t live in Germany, there’s no reason why you still cannot enjoy the wondrous celebration that is Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest began in Munich, Germany as the celebration of marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in 1810. Since then this event has turned into the largest world-wide festival where people celebrate with drinking seasonal brews, and even pig roasts. Last year there was 6.7 million liters of beer served during the Oktoberfest festival.

3. Test your sense of direction at a Corn Maze
So if drinking and sports aren’t your thing, maybe try testing your skills at a corn maze. This is a great activity to do outdoors, and total kid-friendly! Each maze is unique to one another, and many of them are attached to other family-fun events such as hay-rides, petting zoos, and even pumpkin picking.

4. Apple and Pumpkin Picking
Apples, pumpkins, and cinnamon oh my! That’s right, it is the season for all things pumpkin. There’s no way to avoid it, so you may as well join in. With that sweet aroma starting to fill the air, pumpkin picking is certainly a crowd favorite, for carving, cooking, or just to have as home décor. Apple picking is also just as much fun. It’s amazing to see all the ways you can cook and create with an apple. Check out some more ideas on our Pinterest page!

There really is nothing quite like fall foliage. People travel from all over just to see and experience the fall foliage; and what’s the best way to get a real glimpse? Go on a hike of course! Or even a bike ride. Get outdoors, and enjoy the fresh air and some exercise with your friends and family. It’s a great way to get your favorite people all together to enjoy the outdoors and all the fall shades.

Like what I had to say? Leave me a comment below and share with us what your favorite fall activities are.

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