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5 Best Photography Magazines

Are you passionate about photography? And no, I’m not talking about those who are only interested in taking selfies. I’m talking about those who love their cameras so much, that most of them won’t fit in their back pocket; and where lighting means more than just a flash and/or what filter to choose.

I still remember using my 35mm lens, developing my own film, and making prints. Nowadays most of my pictures reside on my cell phone; and while I’m able to capture moments at a moment’s notice, the quality of the image isn’t nearly as great, and my phone’s storage space starts to shrink faster than I’d like.  Unfortunately film is now becoming something a bit more of the past, and digital cameras/camera phones are on the rise.

However for those of you who do still like to hold a 35 mm lens in their hand, and enjoy using natural light, or perhaps you even just like to admire the artwork, you will not want to miss out on these top 5 amazing photography magazines!

1) Popular Photography and Imaging

Popular Photography Magazine

Breaking into digital photography? Or even if you’re into the “old school” film cameras, this magazine gives you whole package on what to look for when it comes to cameras, equipment, accessories, you name it! You get professional reviews, and can learn all sorts of photo techniques. Also, this magazine hosts some amazing photography contests, check them out here: http://www.popphoto.com/contests

2) Digital Photo Pro

Digital Photo Pro

For the authority on all things digital photography, this magazine is for you! Digital Photo Pro gives readers great in-depth articles and reviews on digital equipment. It’s designed as so due to the fact the writers behind the scenes are true professionals who spend hours of time using the equipment to give their readers genuine and reliable information. Not only do you read serious reviews, but this mag will also provide some great tips and tricks for beginners.

3) Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photography Magazine
Landscape lovers, this magazine is just calling your name! Get all the best tips for capturing that beautiful sunset, or even rainy afternoon. (although that may not be the best condition to capture photos in) Outdoor Photographer showcases features from beginners all the way to the pros, with how-to-guides, and camera reviews!

4) Aperture

aperture magazine

If you want some serious imagery, this is a great choice! Aperture magazine has been renowned to be one of the most serious photography magazines out there. One thing to note is that this is a quarterly magazine, however with 128 images in each issue, it’s a purchase you won’t regret. This magazine also gives you real behind-the-scenes info on the photographers behind the material.

5) American Photo Magazine

American Photo Magazine

American Photo features American photographers, and their creative takes on art, history, fashion, journalism, and even advertising. You also will receive exclusive features on equipment reviews, exhibitions, picture portfolios, and insider stories on the working professionals behind the lens! One of my favorite attributes of this magazine is the fun the artists have with their work. Click here to view a sample of what you can expect with this magazine.

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