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The 5 Best Furry Friend Magazines You Should Be Reading

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with your favorite furry friend as the days get colder and shorter. Pets are a great source of comfort and fun, and become beloved family members. With the holidays right around the corner, you can bet that many people will be getting new pets as gifts for themselves or others. If you’re thinking about getting a new pet, definitely make sure you do research first.  If you haven’t already started here’s a couple of magazines to help get you started:

1. The Whole Dog Journal

The Whole Dog Journal prides itself on offering in-depth articles on natural dog care and training. They also offer reviews on many dog treats, toys, and food. If you are seriously thinking about getting a new dog or puppy, this is definitely a magazine worth checking out.

2. Cat Fancy

cat fancy

Not sure why your cat acts the way it does? Cat Fancy will prepare you for all aspects of cat ownership. From in-depth breed profiles so that you get a cat whose temperament will match your lifestyle, to information about different types of diets, this magazine has everything a new or experienced cat owner could hope for. Each issue features a specific breed on the cover, so watch out for your cat to feature!

3.  Animal Wellness

animal wellness

Animal Wellness is a magazine dedicated to helping you provide your pet with a long, healthy life, no matter what type of pet you have. It features articles on health and nutrition, different treatment types, and training tips. There are also features on common problems like removing ticks, knowing what symptoms of illnesses to look out for, and how to prepare your pet for a road trip. Animal Wellness is a must for any pet owner so they can be prepared to help their four legged friends live long and happy lives!

4. Horse and Rider Magazine

horse and rider

Horse and Rider is a magazine that is dedicated to giving you all the information you need on riding techniques and horse care. It covers tips for beginner riders as well as those looking for a more advanced challenge. The Magazine also covers behavioral issues and training tips for your horse. If you know
someone who rides horses or are looking to get into horse riding on your own, this magazine will definitely provide you with lots of useful information.

 5. ZooBooks


Have or need presents for kids? Zoobooks is a fantastic magazine for any kid who loves animals, especially ones that aren’t suited to be pets. Each month features a different animal and inside are tons of facts and picture. I had a ZooBooks subscription as a kid, and I still have many issues to this day! ZooBooks presents information in a way that kids understand and enjoy. Great idea for a gift!

What pets do you have (or do you want)? Do you have any tips for thoselooking to adopt or buy? Let me know in the comments!



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